Person Centred Counselling may also be referred to as Client Centred Counselling. The basic premise is that the Counsellor is not an expert, rather the Client is seen to be the expert on themselves. The Person Centred Counsellor’s role is to encourage and enable the Client to explore and understand themselves and their troubles. The Client is not diagnosed, evaluated or directed and is free to keep control of the content and pace of the counselling sessions.

Counselling isn’t just about major life issues.  Sometimes we just need someone to listen for a while; sometimes we just need to get something off our chest; sometimes we need to tell someone something we can’t say to those who are closest to us. Perhaps one session with a Counsellor will do, perhaps many more, perhaps you will find that Counselling isn’t right for your situation. Counsellors are not the answer to everything; we are not a magic wand.

Through wisdom a house is built and by understanding it is established. By knowledge the rooms are filled with all precious and pleasant riches.
— Proverbs Chapter 24 v3-4

My hope is to provide you with a secure base from which you can explore your world and build your own secure base.

I believe that we are complex, creative beings both fearfully and wonderfully made and that in essence we are primarily relational beings. How we have learnt to do relationships and how we have experienced relationships lead to our prime motivators; passion and pain, the stormy seas of our inner world. Relationships build us up and bring us down as we run back and forth through the whole realm of relationship.

How we experience others and how they experience us can become the driving force behind how we experience ourselves. How we relate to ourselves and how we relate to others co-exist like bone and marrow.

If it is relationship that causes our inner turmoil, then it is relationship which can ease that turmoil. That is the core of the therapeutic relationship. My aim is to help you build a relationally secure base from which you can explore, change and develop your inner world.